Southern Alberta Firearms Education Society (SAFE Society) was formed to offer firearm education to people of all ages with a special focus on young or first-time firearm users. There are three groups we will endeavor to serve; 1) the first-time and youth firearm user, 2) the recreational firearm community and 3) occupational firearm users. For the first-time / youth firearm user we will offer a series of inexpensive firearm experiences. The intent is to provide an inexpensive, safe, fun firearm experience in a clean, welcoming environment. If these first-time / youth individuals enjoy this experience and want to become more proficient and more involved with the safe use of firearms, we will refer them to the recreational firearm community. The recreational firearm community will have designated nights to use the facility for their shooting discipline. First-time / youth firearm users who wish to try this shooting discipline will be welcomed out with active recreational firearm community members for more fun with firearms, more skill development, some friendly competition and camaraderie. A third group to benefit from this facility will be the occupational firearm users. Many of the agencies who require their employees to wear firearms in the performance of their Continue reading