SAFE Facility Operating Philosophy

As per our objects, our primary mission is to provide firearm education to interested individuals, especially young or first-time users.

Pricing Philosophy

To that end, we want to subsidize the first-time firearm user experience with the revenue generated from facility bookings to law enforcement, security companies, LCC Criminal justice programs, etc. Charter club users will pay normal membership fees and cover their share of operating costs

Facility Use Philosophy

Charter clubs are investing in SAFE to ensure access for their members. The four local charter clubs, LRC, CCSC, LFG and LFG Handgun will be provided an evening reserved for their club members use. The clubs could either choose their desired evening so long as there is no conflict or the evening can be drawn at random. The evenings available for distribution to charter clubs would be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. To shoot on an evening reserved for a specific charter club you have to be a member of that club. All members who use the range will pay a membership fee to SAFE.

Blocks of time on Thursday (6-9), Friday (6-9) and Saturday (10-5) will be reserved for public use, specifically to serve the first-time firearm / facility users. During these times memberships will not be required and the pricing to try a safe, firearm experience will be kept to the minimum. Ideally, the vendor we contract with will provide the staff necessary to explain, encourage and supervise these first-time firearm / facility users.

Day-time hours will be available for booking by interested groups such as Lethbridge City Police, RCMP, Blood Tribe Police, Fish and Wildlife, Oceans and Fisheries, Securcor, Brinks, LCC Criminal justice, etc.

At all times the facility is in operation, an individual who has passed the SAFE range officer training program will be present. This training program will include the typical range officer functions plus include the following;

– Equipment checks for people arriving at the facility to ensure compliance with all laws (including Lethbridge City bylaw #5057).

– Ability and understanding of the steps required to handle any emergency that may arise at this facility.

– Ability and willingness to act as an ambassador for shooting sports. Interest in inviting others to participate.

SAFE Facility Operating Budget

At the minimum size, this facility will have about 1900 sq. feet of classroom / office /vendor / storage / washroom area plus about 3600 sq. feet of handgun / RIMFIRE rifle range area. The range area will have coin-operated or credit card operated controls to run the lights / air exchange for the range. These controls will be calibrated at roughly the break-even cost of operations ( approximately $2/per 1/2 hour of operation).

Total square footage at the minimum size would then about 5500 square feet. The cost to operate the air exchange/lights will be recovered while the range is in use. The base costs of sufficient heat, power to maintain during periods of inactivity will form part of the base budget.

A similar facility in Calgary has an annual operating budget of $30,000 per year which includes $8,000 for wages for a part-time staff member. We hope to eliminate the paid staff portion by creating a win-win relationship with an existing business who will provide staffing for the public access hours every week.

Another Southern Alberta indoor shooting range is about 8400 square feet in total (about 2600 square feet of shooting range) which also utilizes a pay-as-you-go approach to lights and heat. The actual operating expenses (not including facility upgrades) of this entire facility for the year 2002 was $8458.49.

We plan to keep ongoing operating costs to a minimum with appropriate building design (separate areas to heat only those being used, etc) and with good planning. We suggest that our annual operating budget would run about $17,805. per year. To be conservative, we have assumed only $12,800. revenue from day-time bookings and no revenue from vendor operations. To cover our operating costs I suggest we could recover $2500 per year from our coin or credit-card operated control unit and that the balance of our operating money would come from membership sales (100 members at $100/year each).

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