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Southern Alberta Firearms Education Society (SAFE) came into being to serve two clearly expressed needs; 1) need for enhanced firearm education and 2) need for indoor shooting opportunities.

Four Lethbridge non-profit societies, Lethbridge Fish and Game, Lethbridge Fish and Game Handgun Club, Lethbridge Revolver Club and the Chinook Country Shooters Club decided that a new entity with a very clear focus (SAFE) was required to fulfill these needs. These charter clubs are providing the support, resources and leadership to ensure that the SAFE Society achieves these desired results.

SAFE Society is governed by a volunteer board of firearm users, firearm safety trainers and firearm enthusiasts from Southern Alberta. SAFE Society is incorporated as an Alberta not-for-profit society (Incorporation # 50103323271) and is also registered with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as a registered charity (Reg# 896363504 RR0001).
A) To deliver a series of safe, affordable, educational shooting experiences for the young and first-time shooters.

B) To enhance the delivery of the Canadian Firearm Safety Course by incorporating a “hands-on” shooting experience to that course.

C) To enhance the delivery of the Hunter Education Program by incorporating a “hands-on” shooting experience to that course.

D) To serve as “The Venue” for firearm education programs.

E) To create year-round safe shooting opportunities for recreation and competition shooting.

To achieve these goals, we will raise the necessary funds and create a firearm education / indoor shooting centre within the City of Lethbridge.

Increased Safety – more individuals receiving enhanced levels of firearm training will yield safer firearm use and will minimize the potential for firearm misuse.

More recreation and competitive shooting opportunities – running a year-round program will create more fun, more competition and yield more new shooters for all disciplines.

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